A battery charger that periodically communicates over the SMBus with a Smart Battery and can alter its charging characteristics in response to data provided by the Smart Battery.

The Smart Battery Charger Specification presents one element of a complete system remedy for rechargeable batteries employed in portable electronic equipment like laptop pc systems, cellular telephones and video cameras.

Smart batteries are equipped with microchips that work with a distinct and corresponding charging unit. To ensure that smart batteries aren't damaged, customers must always charge their batteries with the exact same manufacturer's smart battery charger. Charging the battery with a foreign smart battery charger might result inside the nullification of any free or purchased warranties that the consumer has on the battery.

Various types of smart batteries may well exist and some customers might have to study their batteries prior to deciding on a distinct charger to purchase. Maintenance-free, Wet Cell (flooded), Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Gel Cell and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) are a number of the diverse types of smart batteries that a consumer may have purchased. Documentation to these batteries should be studied just before investing in a charger.

A smart battery charger is built to make charging precise and for the reason that of this, it is unlikely to suffer from overcharging, and trickle charges could be successfully maintained. The Smart Battery/Smart Battery Charger combination delivers distinct benefits in system safety, performance and cost. 1st, charging characteristics and safety limits are integral to the battery itself, allowing for chemistry independence and perfect charging algorithms that match the particular cell types.

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